Cigar Marketplace

Simplifying the way our cigar industry does business.

Founded in 2018, Cigar Marketplace saw that while the world was getting smaller for most businesses, B2B cigar industry wholesale was still operating without the aid of the internet.  While the human touch is required when making and selling a premium brand, getting that brand to the people who love it these days requires the help of technology.

Companies are missing out on huge savings in time and money when they can’t efficiently connect with retailers – money and time that could go to increasing profit margin. Rest easy knowing that your brand is not missing any opportunities because of distance or manpower.

Cigar Marketplace makes these problems a thing of the past. Retailers can now directly order from the suppliers they want without wait, getting their customers the brands they demand. Wholesalers no longer need to depend on going store-by-store to find the retailer that fits their brand. On top of that, both sides have 24/7 access, simplified product comparisons, free shipping, streamlined marketing, and administrative costs, and improved customer satisfaction.

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